Newterra is a leading supplier of specialized water purification and deaerating feedwater heater solutions for the world's industrial and commercial markets. Newterra is the integration of two powerful and well-known niche companies and brands in the water industry, Cochrane, Inc. and Environmental Products USA, Inc.

Founded in 1863, Cochrane's earliest steam and water purification products and systems set industry standards for innovation, durability, and reliability. While maintaining our commitment to innovation, quality, and customer service, Cochrane continued to provide leadership in water purification solutions and deaerating feedwater heaters. Acquired by Crane Co. in 1960, Cochrane implemented a worldwide globalization plan. In 1998, Cochrane continued its focus on providing world-class solutions by acquiring Environmental Products, Inc., a recognized world leader in packaged reverse osmosis (RO) and nanofiltration (NF) systems.

Today Newterra is ready to serve all the world's specialized water purification and deaerating feedwater heater needs. The strength of the long tradition of quality, innovation and reliability of the Cochrane and Environmental Products brands coupled with the financial strength and support of Crane Co. make Newterra the only choice for the world's water purification solutions.

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A Reverse Osmosis Skid from Newterra
The Hawkins-Hamilton Company, Inc. is a manufacturers representative for Newterra.