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Bachmann Industries was originally founded in 1972 to manufacture custom-engineered, high performance expansion joints and damper systems. Bachmann has been awarded several patents involving expansion joints and dampers, including the single-bladed, toggle-driven Gas Flow Diverter for large gas turbines, and the gas turbine GT Expansion Joint.

In the 1990s Bachmann developed an environmentally useful arrangement of isolation diverter flaps in efficient configurations which reduce the utilities requirement for retrofit space, while enhancing reliability, availability and maintainability. The BACHMANNTM 4-Port SCR Bypass System facilitates extended bypassing of the SCR system and defines the leading edge for the current SCR/DeNOX program in the utility industry.

Bachmann's complete line of industrial expansion joint and damper equipment has provided the industrial customer with innovative and efficient equipment optimized and custom engineered for the specific application defining the leading edge in both economy and technology. Bachmann's Power Plant Systems Group is globally active supplying engineered systems and components to Power Plants and Heavy Industries. Bachmann Industries, Inc. is an ISO-9001 registered company.

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A GTEx Turbine Exhaust diagram from Bachmann Industries
The Hawkins-Hamilton Company, Inc. is a manufacturers representative for Bachmann Industries Inc.