Barron Fan Technology


Barron Fan Technology was founded in 1985 with a vision to provide high quality products and services to process industries including steel, pulp, paper, cement, lime, power and petrochemical with a specialized focus on industrial air handling equipment and systems including custom engineered fans, repair and rebuild of existing fans, mechanical dust collectors, isolation and control dampers, metal and fabric expansion joints, kiln seals and other air handling equipment.

Barron Fan Technology is committed to solving our customer's unique process requirements and excels at finding solutions that minimize cost while maximizing efficiency and return on investment. It starts with experience and wisdom based on over thirty-five years of serving multiple process industries and it continues with the utilization of leading edge technology in both design and analysis to provide our customers with the peace of mind that comes from best in class service, equipment and reliability.

Whether it is a large centrifugal fan, high temperature expansion joint, control or isolation dampers, specialized ductwork or multiclones, Barron Fan Technology has a proven track record of providing the right equipment to meet your process needs.

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The Hawkins-Hamilton Company, Inc. is a manufacturers representative for Barron Fan Technology.