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The Deurotech Group, founded in 2015, is a holding company which units the know-how of three state-of-the-art European based environmental technology companies. The Deurotech Group is a global specialist in the implementation of turnkey solutions. As a team of industry experts, we offer coordinated process steps from a single source, thus providing customers with added value in the form of customized solutions.

The following companies are part of the group portfolio:


Airprotech Srl., Magenta / Italy, founded in 1995:


Italian based Airprotech is a leading specialist in the manufacture of turnkey systems for air pollution control as well as complete systems for cleaning polluted process gases through thermal oxidation, catalytic oxidation, and rotor-concentration.


EISENMANN Environmental Technology, Böblingen / Germany, founded in 1968:


EISENMANN Environmental Technology is a leading specialist in various areas of environmental technology applications. The company provides technical turn-key solutions in the field of exhaust air purification, heat recovery systems, wastewater, and wastewater purification systems. As a further specialty EISENMANN Environmental Technology has vast know-how in complex waste disposal with material recycling.


Wessel-Umwelttechnik GmbH, Hamburg / Germany, founded in 1965:


Wessel is a leading specialist in engineering and manufacturing environmentally friendly biological and chemical exhaust air purification and energy recovery systems. The company has strong know-how in the manufacturing of plants controlling pollutant, odor, dust separation and heat recovery. Its innovative and sustainable systems contribute to strong energy savings and resource conservation.




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