Lenox Instrument Company's high-temperature FireSight cameras provide clear, real-time images inside of your boiler, furnace or kiln. Each camera system has quartz optics and a motorized iris light volume control mechanism that regulates the amount of light entering the camera, allowing operaters to get the clearest picture possible.

The Lenox FireSight product line incudes over 230 camera systems that have been engineered for a range of high temperature applications and uniqie operating environments. Our camera systems have been efficiently engineered from both a maintenance and operational standpoint; there are minimal operating costs and maintenance procedures once the cameras are installed. The FireSight cameras are designed to minimize coolant air or water use, offering significant cost savings.

Lenox FireSight cameras are an affordable and effective tool for maximizing fuel efficiency, decreasing emissions, and reducing the risk of premature boiler tube failure. With a range of both portable and permanently installed camera systems, we are confident that we can offer a high-temperature camera system that meets your needs.

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Boiler Camera Image of a Fireball in a Power Boiler
The Hawkins-Hamilton Company, Inc. is a manufacturers representative for Lenox Instrument Company.